Logo of CQL, the Council for Quality and Leadership
CIP has been accredited by the Council for Quality and Leadership.

Accord™ is incredibly honored to be able to announce that we have just received our accreditation from the Council for Quality and Leadership today! CQL is a leader in working with human service organizations to help strive for more quality services and quality of life.

This represents thousands of hours of work by Accord™ staff to examine how we treat people and at our policies and procedures. This represents a starting point as Accord™ is receiving recommendations now on how to continue to improve and grow by becoming more and more person-centered and in respecting the human rights of people.

Thanks to the incredible team that has worked on this, led by our CEO Rita Wiersma and our Quality Analyst Betty DeWitt, but also the staff that are doing the work directly with people.

Thanks also to the Christine, Sherry and Leslie for visiting us this week and conducting our review. We learned a great deal and look forward to digging in to do more. This is a journey and we are just beginning, but along the way we will become much stronger and we will continue to work toward our mission.


A picture of CIP's staff and the staff from CQL on the steps at CIP together.
CIP’s staff with the reviewers from CQL