World Famous Golf Announcer’s Personal Struggles

By John Stanton

For many of us golf fans out there, the Master’s Golf Tournament had an amazing finish. Tiger Woods, Francesco Molinari, and Tony Finau leading the pack at the beginning of the day, and it all culminating in a dynamic finish that will now go down in history. But with the tournament behind us, there are storylines that are more impressive that often go unnoticed. Mainly because we don’t like to talk about it as a society yet. It’s hard for many of us to understand, but those who personally have mental health diagnoses, it is all too real.

Recently, I heard about David Feherty’s personal battle with depression and thought it fitting with all eye’s on Golf, to help continue to spread the word. These types of stories being told from those in the public eye can help not only spread awareness of depression, but also inspire and give hope to those who have been silently battling alone. Hopefully stories like this continue to help encourage those with depression and anxiety to say something to somebody, and never walk this path alone!