Artist’s Art on Display at the Minnesota Museum of American Art

By Stephanie Kocer


If you’ve visited the Minnesota Museum of American Art as of late, you may have noticed the bright display showing in the Henrietta Schmoll Rauenhorst Court. The space currently features the art of Dietrich Sieling, an individual supported by Accord™.

Dietrich’s show is called “City Bus at Day, City Bus at Night, No Clouds Everywhere.” He says it was inspired by city transportation and the visual rides it can take you on. In the exhibit you’ll find a site-responsive installation that includes visuals that you might see in and outside of a city bus, including the green exit door lights, the passengers, the windows, the sun, the weather, the avenues and streets, and the spectacle of day-to-night.

Born in Minneapolis, Dietrich is very familiar with city bus transportation. He got interested in drawing at a young age and attended an arts high school as a teenager. He has been working as a professional artist for about 12 years now.

He describes his artistic style as colorful and exciting. He likes the draw African-hooved animals, people, and, of course, buses. He is inspired by light, which makes it into all of his art showings in some way. His display at the “M” features green lights and a large sun.

When you visit his show at the “M,” you’ll see art on both the wall and skyway. “You can walk on the green light floor,” Dietrich explains.

“Dietrich is free-spirited creatively, not concerned with a photorealistic technical approach. He’s not trying to overthink anything and it shows in his powerfully expressive output,” says Markus Lunkenheimer. Markus is Dietrich’s Personal Care Assistant (PCA). He has been working with Dietrich for many years. He serves as an art coach for Dietrich, making sure he has the right supplies and helping flush out ideas. With Markus’ help, Dietrich was able to beef up his portfolio before being accepted to the Art’s High fifteen years ago.

His art is usually displayed a few times a year consistently. His current show at the “M” took over four months to put together. Dietrich’s art has also been featured in solo exhibitions at Bockley Gallery and Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis, Kabinett, and Kammer and Governors Island, both in New York City. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND, and Honeycomb Salon and Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. His very first professional showing was at the Carmichael Lynch offices, where he created art for the ad agency’s walls and hallways.

When he’s not working on his next drawing project, Dietrich enjoys creating album cover artwork for his musician friends and singing karaoke. His go-to songs are anything by The Beatles or Bill Withers.

Dietrich says it’s a great feeling having his art on display for the public to see. “It feels good to go to the Minnesota Museum of American Art and it feels good for people to see your artwork on the walls and skyway,” he says. His best advice to aspiring artists is to never give up on your passion. “Keep working on your art,” says Dietrich.


City Bus at Day, City Bus at Night, No Clouds Everywhere is showing now through September 22, 2019 at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

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