Buffalo Homecoming King Spreads Message of Inclusion

For the second year in a row, Buffalo High School in Buffalo, Minnesota has crowned an individual with disabilities as homecoming royalty. Kyle Kauffman was named homecoming king last week at the school’s annual homecoming coronation.

Kyle was all smiles, while his classmates explained to ABC 5 why he deserved to be homecoming king. His classmates said Kyle always goes out of his way to make sure everyone is included and tries to pass along some positivity to other classmates in the hallway during school.

Buffalo High School is built on the foundation of an inclusive culture. They have inclusive gym classes where general education and special education students play different sports together. Principal Mark Mischke said he hopes students take that inclusive attitude with them when they leave.

“In the role of a principal you are a quasi parent, 1900 kids in the building and you want them to step out with skills that are transferable, that means being good people and that means seeing the good in others, so when you have that, I mean, you can’t ask for anything more,” Mischke told ABC 5.

Watch the video of Kyle’s interview.

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