Target Offers Halloween Costumes for Children with Disabilities


Finding the right Halloween costume for a child with a disability can sometimes be a challenge. Most of the time store-bought costumes just won’t do and parents end up making them from scratch. Target has a solution this year. The stores are offering more variety in their Halloween selections as they roll out costumes specifically designed for children with disabilities.

Target’s new line of adaptive Halloween costumes allow kids with a range of disabilities to trick or treat with style. For a child in a wheelchair, they offer a princess dress and carriage costume or a pirate outfit and ship costume. Target’s designers put a lot of thought into making sure the costumes were easy to assemble. The costumes have openings in the back that make them a lot easier to slip on. The wheelchair costumes are designed to fit onto any size wheel using a hook-and-loop closure.

For children with sensory sensitivity, Target created unicorn and shark costumes that are designed to be extra soft and contain flat seams with no tags. The costumes also feature a hidden opening in the front for convenient abdominal access for children who may have special needs that require access for medical equipment.

These easy to wear, off-the-rack costumes from Target are leading the charge in becoming more inclusive, and hopefully other leaders in the industry will follow.

Check out the costumes! 

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