American Girl Catalog Features Model With Down Syndrome


Four-year-old Ivy Kimble is featured as a model in American Girl‘s holiday catalog this year. Ivy, who has Down syndrome, can be seen smiling with other girls while they play with their dolls on the glossy pages. This is the first time the famous doll company has featured someone with a disability in their magazine.

The latest issue of the catalog shows off new accessories and products just in time for the holiday season. In the spread, Ivy stands in front of a Christmas tree alongside another young model, wearing her hair in pigtails and holding an American Girl baby doll, which is wearing the same matching red dress.

Ivy’s mom, Kristin Kimble, told ABC Chicago Affiliate WLS in an interview that including children with Down syndrome in print is one step toward better representation of people with disabilities in popular culture.

“I have four girls and to have one of them in the [American Girl] catalog is every mother’s dream,” Kristin said. “But especially having a child with Down syndrome, there’s not a lot of print or media with a lot of kids with Down syndrome. So it’s a big deal for her. I mean, she’s a cute little girl and she has Down syndrome and she’s in the catalog. We’re proud.” Kristin said she hopes the trend toward disability inclusion in advertising continues.

An American Girl spokeswoman told PEOPLE the company was excited to have Ivy be apart of the holiday magazine. “She’s adorable and great to work with, and the shots we captured with her for our holiday catalogs are beautiful,” she said. “We look forward to continuing our work in celebrating all girls.”

American Girl has taken steps in the last few years to be more inclusive in their product lines, too. They offer accessories like a diabetes care kit and wheelchairs for their dolls.

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