Brandon Matthews Hugs Fan With Down Syndrome Who Yelled During His Final Putt


Golfer Brandon Matthews was in the middle of attempting an 8-foot birdie putt for a playoff in the Argentina Open when a fan yelled out during the stroke, causing him to flinch and miss the putt.

At first he thought someone from the crowd had sabotaged him on purpose.

He lost his chance at a spot in The Open and wasn’t very happy about it, but he quickly changed his mood when he found out where the audience interruption came from.

Matthews was told by the tournament administrator the fan that had yelled out had Down syndrome and lost control of his emotions because he was excited about the putt. Matthews’ mood instantly changed from one of frustration to compassion. Matthews insisted on meeting the man. The two were brought together on the course and embraced.

Matthews assured the man he wasn’t upset and wanted to make sure he knew there were no hard feelings. He then got the fan a signed glove and ball. Matthews explained to reporters that he has a soft spot for people with disabilities because his mom ran a number of group homes while he was growing up and his best friend’s sister has Down syndrome. “Those are really special people. I felt so terrible that I was even upset,” Matthews told press. “I just wanted to make sure that he didn’t feel bad.”

The moment has gone viral, with fans from all over the world praising Matthews and the man for their impromptu moment of inclusion.

“I can honestly say that I never expected any public attention from what happened and am completely humbled by it,” Matthews wrote in an Instagram post. “The most important thing that I have learned in these crazy last few days, is how such a small act of kindness can go so far and touch so many people. I can only hope that in any similar situation, anyone would do the same.”

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