Microsoft Updates Xbox Adaptive Controller


Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft has updated their Xbox Adaptive Controller accessories for even more opportunities for people with disabilities to game.

The new Adaptive Gaming Kit plugs into the controller and includes high performance, durable buttons and triggers to give players more options to play in the way that best suits their abilities. Microsoft worked with Logitech G to create the new controller attachments. Together, they worked with different accessibility organizations to develop the most comprehensive set of controls for ultimate configurability and flexibility.

The Adaptive Gaming Kit includes 12 plug-and-play buttons and triggers that you can arrange and attach to the controller as needed, using the included hook-and-loop gaming boards or set of ties to place them in any position. The design is purposely customizable to fit a wide range of needs.

Microsoft and Logitech G are committed to continuing to make their products inclusive. Check out the video below to hear the two companies talk about how the systems works and their plans for future adaptive products:



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