Community Involvement Programs
Rebrands to Accord™


Organization looks to the future as they change their name, branding, and logo.


(Minneapolis, MN) On March 1, 2020, Twin Cities nonprofit Community Involvement Programs (CIP) changed its name to “Accord™.” ACCORD

Over the last few months, the organization has been working on a rebranding project to change the name, logo, colors, and branding to Accord. In doing so, they hoped to create a recognizable brand in the community that represents not just what they do as an organization, but also their partnership with the people they support in Minnesota communities.

“The name Accord™ means a mutual understanding between us and the people we support,” said Accord™ CEO Rita Wiersma. “We are making aspirations and possibilities happen in daily life together. We feel this new name reflects our promise to all of the people we support.”

Accord™ is on a mission to help people live their greatest lives. They make it possible for people living with disabilities and mental health to achieve their personal or career goals and live life to the fullest. Accord™ takes a proven, evidence-based approach to improving personal outcomes and quality of life for adults and families in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota, offering a unique array of transformative programs and services.

The organization’s name change will not affect any of the services they offer. Accord’s™ programs include Case Management, Supportive Housing, Employment Services, Life Skills and Day Services, Home Health Services, Mental Health Adult Foster Care, and Retirement Services. The organization’s goal is to create communities where all people feel included and empowered, regardless of the challenges they face.

“All too often, people living with a disability or mental health issues are overlooked. That’s why we’re here — to make sure their voices are heard and their needs are met,” said Wiersma. “Accord™ is the right brand to help us continue to transform personal outcomes and lead the way forward to reimagine what’s possible.”


Contact: John Stanton
1600 Broadway Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
[email protected]

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