Online Games Bringing People Together During Quarantine

During this time of social distancing it’s easy to feel isolated. Those in the disability community are more susceptible to feeling isolated and alone. One of the ways to connect to others at this time is through technology. There are plenty of fun online options to continue to hang out with friends while quarantining, including online games.

Studies show that playing video games can help us decrease our stress and boost our overall mood and well-being. Luckily, there are hundreds of games available online that can keep us entertained, while still stimulating our minds and keeping us connected with our friends and family. Whether your’e looking for a word game to keep your brain sharp or a hidden object game to relax and unwind, the possibilities are endless.

Online games are also a way to start a little friendly competition with others. Even though we may not be able to physically be with others during the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy their company by playing with them online. And there are plenty of options for multiplayer games depending on what you and your friends like to do together. Maybe you love challenging each other with word games like Words With Friends 2. Or maybe you like building things and searching for the answer to a mystery like in Decurse. There’s also plenty of options for the sports lovers who are missing the real games. Make up for missing March Madness by playing games like NBA 2k20. There’s also plenty of online options to play classic card and board games like UNO or Monopoly. The possibilities are endless!

At Accord we want to make sure the people we support are able to connect with friends and family online. We need your help! We are looking to raise $5,000 as soon as possible to put laptops in all of our residential homes. These laptops will help the people we serve feel less isolated and help them connect to others during this difficult time, whether it be to play some games or just to talk. They will have Advocacy Courses online and other activities to keep them connected to our community. Every dollar matters! To make a donate today, click below.

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