The Importance of Music


As the world adjusts to self distancing and quarantining for the time being, we’ve seen many examples of how music is bringing people together. From celebrities making viral videos singing from their homes, to Italy residence singing together from their balconies, music continues to prove to be a way to bring people together. Music is an important connection for people with disabilities. Besides the inspiration it brings, it’s also a great multi-sensory experience.

Music Appeals to Everyone
There are so many genres of music and ways to create music. When people get to make music their tactile system is engaged because they are feeling an instrument in their hand. Their kinesthetic system is engaged as they move their wrist to hit a drum or play a chord on a guitar. A person’s auditory system is also engaged as they listen to the sounds they’re making and their visual system is engaged as their eyes track the motion they’re making while playing the instrument.

Music is Non-Verbal
Sometimes for people with disabilities words can fail. Music is a universal language everyone can understand. Its’s a way for someone to express themselves without needing words. This can be a powerful and effective way to communicate. Music can be a relief for some, a therapy that can make people feel engaged and included.

Music Helps Connect Us to Others
Music forms bonds. Oxytocin is released when listening to and making music. When we sing, dance, and play musical instruments with others it helps us form a bond with them. As recent events with COVID-19 have shown, connecting through music can be a powerful way to feel less alone.

Music at Accord
At Accord, we believe in the power of music. Later this year, when we move our operations to St. Paul, we plan to create a new music room for the people we support. Our goal is to fill the space with a variety of instruments and bring in local professionals to teach classes. This is a perfect chance for us to share the gift of music not only with those we support, but with Accord as a whole.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we unfortunately had to cancel our Greatest Lives Gala event which was meant to be the main fundraiser for this project. If you would like to donate to Accord’s mission of providing a new music room, please click “Donate” below.


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