Vans Release New Line of Sneakers for
Children with Autism

Vans shoe company has released a new line of children’s shoes specifically designed for those with autism. For many with autism picking out clothes can be difficult, and shoes are no exception.

Autism can often affect a person’s fine motor skills and how a person communicates. Studies have found at least 75 percent of people with autism have a significant symptom relating to sensory processing disorder. This just means that they may be hypersensitive to certain things around them including what they wear. To make wearing sneakers easier and fashionable, Vans has introduced a new line of shoes with that very condition in mind.

The new line for children features slip-on shoes with pull-tabs to close with Velcro. These features may be helpful for someone who does not have the fine motor skills to tie their shoelaces. The shoes also come in muted colors, appealing to someone who might find bright colors overstimulating.

Vans released the sneakers just in time for Autism Awareness Month, celebrated in April every year. The company also announced that they will donate $100,000 of proceeds from the shoe collected to The A.skate Foundation, a nonprofit that teaches skateboarding to children with autism.

Check out the new line of sneakers! 

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