Volunteers Continue to Help During Stay at Home Order

Accord volunteers are still finding a way to connect to the people we support during Minnesota’s Stay at Home order. This is a time when the individuals who live in our Adult Foster Care homes are at great risk for feeling isolated. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we are able to still provide them with a sense of community.


Lexie Thompson, a long-time Accord volunteer, has been sending cards to residents she would normally go on outings with. She hopes that this gesture will help them feel less alone during social distancing. Lexie briefly stopped volunteering as she was in northern Minnesota completing some job training. She felt that this was a perfect time to jump back in and help in anyway she could. Lexie’s actions exemplify how committed our volunteers become to the people we support. They develop relationships. And they’re missing those relationships during this difficult time.


Another Accord volunteer, Craig Gjerdingen, heard about an individual in one of our Adult Foster Care homes that wanted their new stereo put together. They had recently had surgery and wanted to recuperate while listening to their music. Even with social distancing, Craig picked up the stereo pieces from the house porch, took them home and assembled them, and then delivered the stereo back to the house. This is just another great example of how our volunteers are adapting to still help in any way they can.


If you are interested in remotely volunteering, we have several options! Please contact Accord Volunteer Coordinator, Jaime Gjerdingen at [email protected] for more details.

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