LARK Toys Introduces New Wheelchair Pull Toys


Meet Michael and Judy! LARK Toys has introduced two new wheelchair pull toys to their original toy collection. The Michael and the Judy are wooden toys with wheels that can be pulled along on the ground with a long string.

The new additions to the LARK Toys collection have real-life inspirations, too. 

The Michael is named after Michael Seifert from Red Wing, Minnesota, a frequent guest of LARK Toys. Micheal’s parents founded Hiawatha Homecare in Red Wing to help provide Michael and others the care they need to stay living at home. Michael is a bright and curious person who loves giraffes and communicates through sign language.

The Judy toy is named after Judy Heumann, the internationally recognized disability rights activist. A polio survivor, Judy is an activist star of the movie “Crip Camp” on Netflix. She was the first wheelchair user to teach in New York City, and she has worked throughout her life to advance the rights and empowerment of all disabled people around the world.

“Honoring and welcoming diversity means that when we look around, we notice and appreciate the many differences that make each of us unique,” LARK Toys said on their Facebook page. “We learn that every person has value and something to contribute.”


Learn more about the Michael and Judy toys! 



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