Model with Down Syndrome Featured in
Gucci Beauty Campaign


Meet Ellie Goldstein, the 18-year-old British model who recently made headlines in Gucci Beauty’s “Unconventional Beauty” campaign.

The campaign supports emerging talents and aims to “promote the theme of unconventional and non-stereotypical beauty.”


The project marks one of the first times that a model with Down syndrome has been featured with the brand.

“It feels so amazing and fabulous to be part of the Gucci Beauty campaign,” Goldstein told British Vogue. “When I look at the images, I feel happy with myself, and all the likes and comments on social media across the world have been overwhelming.”

Goldstein has been modeling since she was 15 years old. She made her Gucci debut on the brand’s Instagram page in June, modeling Gucci’s Mascara L’Obscur.

“Representation is very important to me — let the world see that anyone can model and act with a disability,” she told to British Vogue. “Once people realize I can talk and have a great character, they are different towards me and they smile. There needs to be more positivity out there and people should give us a chance and not be so ignorant.”

The model said she hopes to continue being a role model to her fans, as well as one day being featured on the cover of Vogue.


Goldstein joins the growing list of models with Down syndrome who have been recognized by global fashion brands in an effort to promote inclusion and diversity. Stores including Aerie, Target, American Girl, and beauty brand Glossigirl have all featured models with Down syndrome in recent campaigns and advertisements.

Congratulations, Ellie!


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