Accord Service October Update

Accord’s three Day Support Service branches have been re-opened for about three months. Each branch has implemented COVID Preparedness Plans to ensure that services are safe. Protocols are in place so that persons served have their temperatures taken upon pick-up or arrival every day. Once on site, everyone sanitizes their hands for the first time. Hand washing and sanitizing surfaces continues throughout the day.

Service days are limited according to state guidelines, so persons served stay in small groups with enhanced person served to staff ratios. Transportation services limit the number of riders to no more than four in a vehicle. State guidelines limit the number of people in a branch to one-half of the licensed capacity (including direct support staff). Currently, there are 123 people who are actively receiving day support services. All of the people we support at Accord in these services are happy to be back and are engaged in a variety of fun, skill building, interactive activities in addition to earning wages again.

Accord’s Employment Services have also geared back up and are helping persons served return to their independent jobs or find new ones.  So far, 171 people are being actively served by our group of dedicated and innovative Employment Consultants. Our business partners are delighted to have persons we serve contributing to their ongoing success once again.

For those who are not comfortable or able to return to in-person services, Accord has developed remote services to address their needs. We are serving about 25 people remotely using various platforms. The remote services are available individually or in small groups and many people enjoy the option to connect with their friends, whom they have not seen in person for quite some time.

If you’d like to learn more about Accord’s programs, contact us today!