Expression Through Music: Chanpraney’s Story

Chanpraney Nhul began taking music lessons in grade school. When he first started with Accord’s Business Solutions program nearly a decade ago, he was inspired to begin playing music again when he noticed the guitars on display there. Chanpraney has since done paid piano performances for Maplewood Heritage Center, Sholom Homes, Episcopol Church Homes, and at Menards in the Midway. He has even started his own YouTube channel to share his music with a wider audience.

When the pandemic happened, Employment Specialist Keith offered virtual piano lessons to Chanpraney to expand his repertoire. During one of his sessions with Accord Employment specialist Keith, Chanpraney pulled out his guitar.

“Naturally I asked him if he preferred to learn how to play this instrument,” says Keith. “We’ve been routinely meeting virtually ever since, and Chanpraney has made some very notable improvements on the guitar. He shows a genuine interest, and it also seems to give him a sense of pride.”

Chanpraney has autism and sometimes has difficulty communicating certain thoughts and feelings verbally, but is able to express himself through his passion for music. As a visual and auditory learner with an aptitude for retaining information, Chanpraney has a natural talent for learning music. Chanpraney learns much of the music he plays simply by ear and creates a lot of his own music.

Accord is honored to support Chanpraney as he pursues his passion for music!