Raising her Voice: DeAnna’s Story

DeAnna’s father always told her to leave her footprint on this world, and it’s clear that she has done just that more than once.

DeAnna grew up in the Lynwood/Forest Lake area of Minnesota. As a child, she became a strong advocate for animal rights, and her passion for giving animals a voice has followed her into her adult life. She has fostered more than a dozen dogs and cats, several even finding a permanent home with her. DeAnna has even been arrested twice while protesting for animal rights, but that has not slowed her down, and ended up winning two court cases, one of which went to the Supreme Court.

Giving a voice to those who need one is something that DeAnna is especially good at. In 2010, DeAnna won a high-profile disability case against Tim Pawlenty. You can find more information about the court case here.

“I am very much a do-er,” says DeAnna, though she lives with chronic pain that sometimes doesn’t allow her to do all of the physical things she wants to do. She has been able to receive support through a CADI waiver and the several case managers she has had over the years.

In 2015, DeAnna’s daughter Ashley passed away, leaving DeAnna devastated. She also went through a difficult divorce that strained several important relationships in her life. Despite these difficult circumstances, DeAnna has been able to lean on her unwavering faith and her parents, who inspire her with their strength.

DeAnna has shown the world that she is someone who will always speak out and take action for what she believes in, no matter the obstacles she faces.