Sandra’s Story: A Mother’s Search for a Better Life



Family is one of the most important things to Sandra. As a client of Accord’s services, she has been able to map out a clearer future for her and her children.

Sandra and her family originally came to Minnesota from Ecuador, which brought another element that required them to learn and adapt quickly in order to thrive in their new home.

After moving here, Sandra sought community resources that would optimize her living situation and adjust because she needed additional care for her daughter Millie.

Having discovered Accord through social workers, Sandra approached and used Accord as a new beginning and opportunity to spend more time with her kids.

While also appreciative of our organization, Sandra has expressed deep gratitude for the support her mother gives, who spends time taking care of Millie — something that causes her to have to work overtime without pay.

As a tax preparer representative, Sandra uses her skills to help others with problems and solutions that most people have trouble with. She resolves issues others have with the IRS, and is supplemented by Accord, to make that possible. She works to provide for her children, so they can thrive as they grow older.

Her desire to make lives better extends far beyond her family.

“Life is one. Live the day as if it is the last day. Love yourself. There is time for everything in your life.”

Currently, Sandra has been working with an Accord case manager to find additional support for her daughter Millie because the disability community and available resources are difficult to navigate. Through Accord, she has been establishing new connections for her family. Her goal is to find Millie a new PCA and personalized physical therapist.

Sandra has developed a routine, so she can spend quality time with her kids, Millie and Aaron; they have used Shabbat to read and learn scriptures together.

Sandra is already proud of her two children, who she says, are persistent while still polite obedient.

Sandra takes pride in what she has been able to offer both her kids and the community. She has a bright, optimistic outlook on the future for all of them.