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Over the last two years, COVID-19 has been hitting our communities with force. We’ve seen it on the local and national news, neighborhood conversations, and social media. But here at Accord, we’ve seen this impact firsthand on the lives of the people we support. Those in our community, people with disabilities, and mental health issues have been impacted in a very disproportionate way.

While stay-at-home orders were necessary, they created greater isolation for people we support who were already in a higher category for feeling loneliness. As the pandemic continued, one thing was for certain, new challenges arose, like the employment crisis. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry was already short about 9,000 direct support professionals across the state. COVID-19 only exacerbated the situation, and staffing became very difficult for providers like Accord. But, we continue to innovate and find new ways of doing things through the support from people like you!

Even though this has been a tough season for all of us, Accord is poised to raise the bar of excellence in service delivery, continually increase the quality of the Accord experience for all, and push innovation in our industry. It’s through generous financial contributions from people across the state that Accord can make major strides in technology advancement with our new Electronic Health Record system that will enhance the family, the individual, and caseworker’s experience. Donations help us enhance opportunities for people in all our services, like our new Hipp Family Music Room that will offer classes and musical experiences for people we support. A gift today makes a difference!

Will you consider supporting Accord financially today and help people with disabilities and mental health issues live their greatest lives? It’s easy, and every dollar counts.

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