5 Reasons To Work in Home Health in 2022

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. In some cases, the demand for healthcare professionals outweighs the workforce. Home Healthcare specifically is one of the fastest growing sectors, projected to grow nearly 8% annually over the next decade. Here are the top five reasons you should consider a career in home healthcare in 2022.

Work One-On-One with Patients

In a traditional hospital setting, nurses tend to multiple individuals at once, often on a tight schedule in order to see as many patients as possible. In a home setting, nurses work one-on-one with an individual, establishing daily routines, learning their unique needs, and getting to know them personally. You will get to see firsthand how your care makes a difference in their daily lives. If you’re someone who prefers a slower pace and the opportunity to work directly with people, Home Health Care might be a good alternative to a hospital or clinic.

Avoid a Hospital Setting

Hospitals are often fast-paced and crowded, hours are often irregular and shifts are long. As a Home Health Nurse, schedules are often more regular and day-to-day procedures are overall less complicated and not as urgent.

Work Independently

Hospital and clinical nurses typically work with other nurses to treat patients under the supervision of practitioners, doctors, and surgeons. Home Health nurses work individually in the patients’ homes and you are more or less in charge of your daily operations. Patients rely solely on your expertise for their treatment.

Make a Difference

Just like a hospital nurse, Home Health Nurses make a big difference in the lives of their patients and greatly improve their quality of life. Your care enables an individual to remain comfortably and semi-independently in their home, avoiding expensive prolonged hospital stays. Home Health Care reduces medical expenses by up to 30%  and patients experience fewer complications.

Job Security

Healthcare is projected to add over 2.6 million new jobs to the economy, making it the largest sector in the job market. In fact, the industry is now facing shortages of licensed nurses. High demand for healthcare professionals means multiple job opportunities, job security and growth opportunities for anyone who chooses a career path in healthcare.