Dork Dancing: The Newest Mental Health Trend

A silly new trend in Denver, Colorado is advocating for mental health awareness. It’s called “Dork Dancing”, named by creator Ethan Levy. The aim is simple: raise awareness for mental health and promote mental well-being by dancing in public like a dork. “I started it in response to COVID-19 and the lockdowns. I noticed that there was a mental health crisis of sorts going on. I thought the simplicity and power of dance could be a simple idea that could help,” says Levy. “Jumping up and down feels really good. The music carries me away. Being able to share that with other people adds a new level of joy to the experience.”

The group meets Fridays and Sundays to dance, jump, blow bubbles and simply let loose together. “I think we all have our own inner weirdness or dorkiness that we sometimes try and hide from other people,” Levy acknowledges. “When we can just be who we are and recognize that we accept our full selves and others accept us, especially in spaces like this, it’s really powerful.”