Accord Story: Jasma

Jasma is living her best life through Accord’s Day Supports program! Jasma attends the program several times a week before she heads to her job at Sierra, the popular outdoor retail store. With more structure and support, Jasma has been thriving at her job, earning recognition as a hardworking and friendly employee. She was even chosen as Employee of the Month. Jasma is looking forward to her one-year employee anniversary! In her free time, she loves to use Accord’s art room to draw cartoons and write poetry.

Jasma has also participated in the Community Gathering for Person-Centered Planning, a panel to advocate to the state of Minnesota what rights are most important to her and others with disabilities. Jasma especially advocates for the right for people with disabilities to have access to their own money.

In the future, Jasma hopes to open up a home to support other individuals with disabilities.