Social Worker Makes Look-Alike Dolls for Children with Disabilities

Amy Jandrisevits worked as a social worker in a pediatric unit, where part of treatment was play therapy with dolls. That’s when Amy noticed that all of the dolls looked drastically different than many of the children there. Knowing how important representation is for a child’s sense of inclusion and self-esteem. She began making dolls that resembled children who have limb differences, body markings, and other various disabilities and health conditions. Eventually, Amy started a go-fund me and then a non-profit so that children could receive the dolls for no cost. She calls her organization “A Doll Like Me”.
“On the one side, dolls are validating for the little people they reflect. And on the other side, dolls are a tangible way to share kindness and demonstrate acceptance,” Amy commented. “These children are perfect just the way they are!”