Create a Ripple Effect

How Your Donation Can Help Others

We believe that one good action can cause a positive ripple. Getting a new job that showcases newfound skills may lead to finding a safe place to live independently, which results in a sense of pride from feeling part of a community. At Accord™, we help people with disabilities bring these possibilities to life. And it all starts with you.

Your Gift Is a Gift to Everyone

Supporting Accord helps us provide more person-centered services to even more people with disabilities and mental health challenges. Our support includes case management, housing services, employment support, day support services, and more. Your gift empowers individuals to share their gifts to create a stronger, more inclusive community — which benefits us all.

Ways You Can Make a Ripple:

  • Donate at
  • Help raise funds on Facebook
  • Acting as your Authorized Representative with the Social Security Administration
  • Select Accord as your charity of choice through AmazonSmile at or in the Amazon Shopping app. Every purchase provides a donation to Accord that helps us continue serving the people we support.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity!