Erik’s Story

Meet Erik – Erik was out mowing his lawn. It was like any other Minnesota Summer day. The sun was shining, the smell of the fresh grass clippings, just a beautiful moment. But then that moment was taken. Erik had an aneurysm. Just like that, everything he built in his life, from his career as a Draftsman for 10 years with an engineering firm, his 22 years with his wife Denise, his three young daughters…everything was about to change.

Erik spent a month in the Intensive Care Unit as they worked on getting him back to a place where he could be released. After that, the long journey of support really started. His wife Denise took on the brunt of the support as she was nurse and support staff for Erik. In a wheelchair, with left side mobility issues and deteriorated left sided vision, Erik lost his full time career.

But this is not where Erik’s story ends. He joined Accord a few years back and attends our Day Support program that gives opportunities and activities for people with disabilities during the day. Through conversations, along with a new tech grant we received from Minnesota’s Department of Human Services, we are able to get Erik his own computer. However, he had one question for us. He wanted to know if we could get AutoCAD drafting software for him.

The autoCAD version that Erik is looking for is autoCAD 2022 – that runs around $1500. For someone who had so much taken from him, we said we will do what we can to make this happen.

You see, this software is something Erik used daily in his career. It was something that brought fulfillment to him, something he enjoyed. In fact, getting this software may not stop with just giving a small sense of his life back, but also could lead to him working with our Employment Team to find that fulfilling employment he once had.

Would you partner with us in helping Erik get AutoCAD software on his computer to help him with his journey on living his greatest life? Donate Today!

For more information about how to support Erik, please contact John Stanton, VP of Stakeholders Success at 612.362.4400 or email [email protected].

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