Fall Social & Fundraiser - Tuesday, September 25

Partnering to Make a Difference In the Lives of People with Disabilities and Mental Illness

Supporting people with disabilities in living their greatest lives has been our passion for nearly 50 years! Pushing past simply status quo and average, we believe in leading the way in the industry and shining the light for others to follow. With that, there are much needed dollars to continue to enhance and expand our programs to support people with disabilities and mental illness. Through Special Events, Corporate Partnerships, and the generosity of donors, we are able to continue to support people to live their greatest lives.

Tonight, we are raising much needed funds for families to receive access to a revolutionary online portal that will change their lives. This portal will eliminate cumbersome scheduling, challenging health plan communication, and scheduling dilemmas. Your donation will impact these families and give them time back in their weeks to spend with their loved ones with disabilities.

The link below will bring you to our giving page. All dollars raised tonight through this link will go directly to supporting people with disabilities and their families and loved ones.

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