Dear Accord Family & Friends,

We believe one good thing leads to another. Getting a new job that showcases newfound skills. Finding a safe place to live independently. Feeling a sense of pride from being part of a community. At Accord™, we help people with disabilities bring these possibilities to life.

And it all starts with you.

Your Gift Is a Gift to Everyone

Supporting Accord helps us provide more comprehensive services to even more people with disabilities, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. Accord’s person-centered care and support includes case management, community support, housing services, employment support, day support services, and much more.

Your gift fosters a sense of independence and confidence in individuals that empowers them to share their gifts with the world around them, creating stronger, more inclusive communities — which benefits us all.

The dollar amount to serve one individual:

Thank You for Your Generosity

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Other Ways to Make a Ripple

  • Help raise funds on Facebook.
  • Select Accord as your charity of choice through AmazonSmile at or in the Amazon Shopping app. Every purchase provides a donation to Accord that helps us continue serving the people we support.