At Accord™, our mission is to help people live their greatest lives. One way we do this is by expanding access to technology. From accessibility to assistive tools, technology serves as a key link to the outside world, helping individuals communicate, develop new skills, and connect with others.

Erik’s Story

Erik’s life changed when he had an aneurysm while mowing his lawn. After a month in the intensive care unit, Erik returned home in a wheelchair, with mobility and vision issues on his left side. Everything — his career as an engineering draftsman, his 22-year marriage to his wife Denise, and his life with three young daughters — changed.

Erik joined Accord’s Day Support program, and through a grant, we were able to provide him with a computer. We are now hoping to add AutoCAD 2022 to it, software Erik once used daily that costs about $1,500. In addition to helping Erik regain a former piece of his life, this software could also lead to him working with our Employment Team to find fulfilling work.

For information on how to support Erik, contact John Stanton, VP of Stakeholder Success, at 612.362.4400 or email [email protected].

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