Accord and Genesis 10 are partnering to
help make a difference through technology

At Accord™, our mission is to help people live their greatest lives. One way we do this is by expanding access to technology.

Recognizing this need, Accord is undergoing the development of the MN Virtual Support Navigator. This application is being designed to help support people who are seeking community support options for a variety of needs. It helps cut through the complexity and gets people the support they need, the support they are looking for, quickly, without barriers, using simple language and processes.

The app not only will help people navigate the complex community support functions across the state of Minnesota, it will be equipped with a place for individualized document storage for helpful and needed information, along with a Social Determinants of Health Score to help the individual work with their health care providers to see the great landscape of the person’s overall health from a holistic viewpoint.

From accessibility to assistive tools, technology serves as a key link to the outside world, helping individuals communicate, develop new skills, and connect with others.


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