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This Holiday Season we have a very special offer. Monica is a talented, and gifted young woman. With the support of her family and friends, she started her own Publishing Company. That’s right, Monica is an Entrepreneur!

In Monica’s first book, Monica’s Silent World, it shares the story of young Monica interacting with the world around her. The unique perspective about this story is that Monica is one of the millions of people in the world with Autism.

In this book, parents and children will enjoy the story of young Monica, but also learn the very valuable lesson of including and accepting others no matter the differences. It’s a great tool for parents to help teach their children, and a great gift this Holiday Season for every child!

With every donation of $20 through this special offer, we will send you a copy of Monica’s Silent World along with a Thank You note from Monica. You not only will be supporting Accord™ this Holiday Season, but also helping support an amazing Entrepreneur!

*If you would like additional copies more than five copies, please contact [email protected]

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