August 2020 Revisions to Accord’s 245D policies and procedures

The 2020 legislative session several revisions that affect Accord’s policies and procedures. According to MN Statutes, chapter 245D.10, subdivision 4, “Accord must provide a written notice to all persons or their legal representative and case manager at least 30 days before implementing any procedural revisions to policies affecting a person’s service-related or protection-related rights under section 245D.04 and maltreatment reporting policies and procedures. The notice must explain the revision that was made and include a copy of the revised policy and procedure. The license holder must document the reasonable cause (see * below) for not providing the notice at least 30 days before implementing the revisions.”

*Due to the effective date of 8/1/20 of the revisions, we are unable to provide you with a 30 day notice before implementing the revisions. Please see the below explanations for what changed in the policies.

Accord’s Policy and Procedure on Reporting and Review of Maltreatment of Minors has been posted on Accord’s website at This policy was revised due to the reorganization of the Maltreatment of Minors Act from MN Statutes, section 626.556 to MN Statutes, chapter 260E. There are revised definitions of maltreatment of minors and some clarification on reporting agencies within this policy. The actual procedure to reporting suspected or known maltreatment of minors however has not changed and staff continue to be required to report maltreatment according to state statutes.

In addition, other revisions occurred to policies as stated below. Copies of these policies (or any of our 245D policies) are available upon request or can be accessed below.

  1. Policy and Procedure on Admission-2020 legislative requirements for intensive support services was added as well as clarified service initiation and 45 day/60-day meeting requirements throughout the document for both basic and intensive services.
  2. Policy and Procedure on Service Termination-terminology of who may be included on an individual’s support team was revised as well as terminology on “when the facility cannot meet the needs of the person…” under the possible service termination situations.
  3. Policy and Procedure on Responding to Incidents (intensive support services only)-replaced the terminology of 626.556 with chapter 260E and added information on reporting death and serious injury to the Office of the Ombudsman via their online webform.
  4. Policy and Procedure on Emergency Use of Manual Restraints (both allowed and not allowed versions) – replaced terminology of 626.556 with chapter 260E.

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As the state of Minnesota makes changes and updates to the 245D policies, we will be posting those changes here for your benefit. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Please email Betty DeWitt at [email protected]