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Music, Arts, Recreation, and Inclusion!

Accord's™ "MARI" (Music, Arts, Recreation, and Inclusion) Program is a day service program for retired adults that includes recreational activities and a unique community for individuals to continue to live their greatest lives. 

We provide a supportive, respectful environment in the MARI Program (Music, Arts, Recreation and Inclusion), located in the south metro area. The focus of this program is to provide a quality community experience for older adults with disabilities for whom employment is no longer a priority.

What’s the MARI program like?

Individuals in the MARI program have consistent opportunities to participate, have fun, and make friends in the surrounding community. A typical day might include participating in community recreational activities, such as choir or art classes, bowling, shopping at local stores, volunteering at a neighborhood nonprofit organization, or taking part in other typical senior programs in the community.

The hallmark of the MARI Program is the individual attention and support provided to each person while maintaining meaningful connections within their community. Lift-equipped vehicles and transportation services ensure that members of the MARI Program are able to participate in the typical flow of community life on a regular basis.



1701 American Blvd E., Suite 19
Bloomington, MN 55425-1151
Director: Linda Dyre
Phone: 952-854-0411
After Hours Emergency Line: 651-230-0797

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