We Are Helping People Live Their Greatest Lives

We provide a wide range of services across the Twin Cities and Northern Minnesota. Below you will see the listed programs along with the ability to send referrals.

Case Management (Hennepin, Anoka, & Dakota)

We provide case management and support services to individuals who qualify under the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver, Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) Waiver, and the Brain Injury (BI) Waiver. Reach out to discover how we support those who qualify for these waivers to get the assistance they need to live more independent, self-determined lives.


Community Support Services

Individuals are supported by staff who work in homes and the community helping people with day-to-day living. This service is offered to those living in Hennepin County.


Day Support Services

For a variety of reasons, some people choose not to work and focus instead on other goals. Day Support Services services help the people we support achieve their goals so they can live fulfilling lives. These services are offered at our branches and in a variety of community settings, including: volunteering, leisure and recreation, health and wellness, personal empowerment, access to the arts, making friends, pursuing hobbies and passions, and more!


Energy Park (St. Paul): (651)-288-8863

Transportation: (651)-288-8902


Employment Services

We provide flexible, individualized employment supports – from start to finish – for people with disabilities, severe and persistent mental health issues, traumatic brain injuries, and sensory impairments, offering employment services in three different areas: Exploration, Development, and Support. Our goal is to develop customized jobs in the community that capitalize on each individual’s interests, abilities, and personal goals.



Family Support Services

As a waiver-funded program created to increase independence and inclusion in the community, Family Support Services is a program that allows individuals to choose the staff that support them through a variety of services.


Life Sharing Services

Helping individuals interested in a shared living experience choose their own host family.


Housing Stabilization Services

Here at Accord we are passionate about helping people live their greatest lives. Our Housing Stabilization Services support people to maintain their independence within the community.


Supportive Housing

These affordable housing opportunities are designed to support individuals with mental health by giving them a place to live. Support services are provided by a mental health worker in a shared housing setting. Other services may also be an option for people in an individualized housing setting.