Life Sharing From Accord™

Semi-Independent Living in Adult Foster Care Homes

Accord's™ life sharing services in Hennepin County offer an encouraging and caring living environment where a person's needs are met with individualized foundations that help them and their host family live in a supportive, day-to-day setting. 

Families open their homes to up t two individuals in a semi-independent living situation. Families license their home as an Adult Foster Care (AFC) home, and Accord supports individuals and families to create a living situation that fits their needs and preferences.

Who can live in a Life Sharing home?

Individuals may be ready to be more independent and more involved in their communities, but are not quite ready to live on their own. Individuals often enjoy a part-time job and other activities during the day, and have a desire to be involved in family and community events. The type of care and support required will vary with each individual, and Accord works directly with the individual and those who support them to ensure each preference is identified.

Who can be a Life Sharing Provider?

  • Providers must be at least 21 years old
  • Provide the hosted individual with their own bedroom and access to shared family spaces
  • Providers home must be licensed as an Adult Foster Care Home (Accord can help guide you through this process)
  • Providers can host 1-2 individuals within their home

Providers will receive monthly payment for opening their home to individuals. Life Sharing Providers are expected to include the individual in daily activities and encourage individuals to participate in community activities whenever possible. In many ways, the hosted individual becomes one of the family!



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