Life Sharing From Accord™

Helping everyone live their greatest lives

Accord offers Life Sharing, an alternative to group housing or adult foster care that helps individuals interested in a shared living experience choose their own host family. The goal of Life Sharing is interdependence between the individual and the family, with the individual having control over how they spend their days.

Life Sharing May Be a Good Option for Someone Who:

  • Isn’t a good fit for a group home (or doesn’t want to live in one)
  • Isn’t quite ready to live on their own 
  • Is in another living situation that isn’t working

Making a Match
Individuals meet with Accord to discuss their preferences and needs and are then paired with a prospective host family. After meeting multiple times in multiple settings, the individual gets to decide whether or not it’s a good fit. Once they choose their family, they can move into their home and start sharing their lives, including day-to-day living, holidays, vacations, community events and more.

Providing Choices That Create More Meaningful Community Connections
By offering consistent support that opens up an individual’s community, Life Sharing helps individuals gain new skills, make new friends and navigate social situations easier.

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