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Accord’s Community Support Services is 245D Intensive and is for individuals looking for assistance with Semi-Independent Living Services, Individualized Home Supports with Training, Social Security Advocacy, Housing Stabilization, and more!

Accord™ offers Community Support Services, where individuals can be assisted with Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) and Individualized Home Supports with Training (IHS w/ Training).

Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)

The goal of SILS is to support people in ways that enable them to achieve personally desired outcomes and lead self-directed lives. SILS include training and assistance to:

  • Engage in activities that make it possible for an adult with developmental disabilities or related condition(s) to live in the community
  • Exercise social, recreation and transportation skills, including appropriate social behavior
  • Learn and exercise the rights and responsibilities of community living
  • Maintain personal appearance and hygiene
  • Manage money, prepare meals and shop
  • Obtain and maintain a home
  • Perform first aid and obtain assistance in an emergency
  • Self-administer medication
  • Use the phone and other utilities


Individualized Home Supports with Training (IHS w/ Training)

This service level is provided to adults when they need support and training in at least one of the community living service categories.

Community living service categories include:

  • Community participation
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Wellness
  • Household management
  • Adaptive skills.

Service can be provided in the person’s own home, family’s home, or in the community. Service includes both support and training. Training for individualized home supports means a person receives direct training from a staff member on community living skills identified in the person’s assessment. Training includes skill-building to acquire, retain, and improve the person’s experience living in the community.

24-hour emergency assistance is on-call counseling and problem solving and/or immediate response for assistance at a person’s home due to a health or personal emergency.

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