You can make a difference!

We believe in the power of community – Our volunteers are helping us change lives, and we’re always looking for individuals and companies who are willing to help. Whether you’re interested in volunteering on your own or as part of a business or organization, we offer many fulfilling opportunities to help you make a positive impact in your community.

From helping residents with their housing, to helping us with special projects, to creative activities, to simply having lunch with one of the many people we serve, you can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Volunteers play an essential role in helping the people we serve live their greatest lives. By volunteering, you show the people we serve that someone in the community cares. You show the community that volunteering makes a difference. You can use your talents and skills and develop new ones, too.

  • Large Groups (10 – 20) Paint a Difference – a wall to paint and decorate with your company logo, or design it anyway you would like! Work with your team in a fun focused environment and interact with the people we support.
  • Small Groups (4 – 10) Fun Fridays – Your group can plan an activity for the people we support as an onsite event for one hour that is fun and interactive. Some activities would include playing jeopardy, bingo, or another other game or activity you can think of!
  • Individual Opportunities (1 -2) Difference Maker – Individual opportunities for those that have an interest in the arts, technology, music, cooking, and more. Come in and volunteer to teach a single class or course with the people we support.

Interested in volunteering?

For more information about volunteering opportunities at Accord please contact VP of Stakeholder Success John Stanton at 612.362.4400 ext.7412 or email at [email protected].

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